She’s Crafty

She’s Crafty

Two years ago I was introduced to art journaling in a bookmaking class. Classic techniques as well as new, such as “spilling” and “resistance”  were taught. I also learned to bind a book using supplies found in any art store in the area. Since then I’ve collected, gathered, found and saved recyclables, art mediums, stencils and many, many vision board items. I use them everyday as I spend time meditating, expressing myself creatively through art, writing or the combination of both.

In my home art journaling is applied to homeschooling, note-taking in my own education, studying my holy book, one of which happens to the bible. I find it incredibly healing to journal through problems. Cancer. I have cancer. Finding visually artistic ways to express pain, anger and suffering in my soul is healing.

My family, my friends, and my local Starbucks baristas are wonderfully joyful, encouraging and inspire me everyday to make something beautiful with this time. While homeschool responsibilities come first, household comes second (well, sometimes third, fourth or fifth), I’ve learned to hold tight to and not to forgo the therapeutic, creative force that is visual journaling.

In books, in empty journals, in bibles, in my Bible Journal- a gift to myself for fighting illness. In nature journals, homeschool planners and records, in the many Charlotte Mason PENU Notebooks I decided to keep after reading about her massive interactive notebooking habit. It is through these avenues I can connect better with others, especially my kids as we create together. I have communion with God and with parts of myself in every stage of the journey. I love the recorded life I live. As Charlotte Mason would say, I am a Keeper of Journals.